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HR Services

We offer various options to either support your own internal HR function by supplying employment contracts and policies  and telephone support, or if you would like to outsource the function completely we have different packages available, dependent on the size of your organisation. 

Let us take the day to day admin involved in running your organisation's Human Resource duties off your hands. We can deal with your employee's life cycle from the initial contract, to issuing your Staff Handbook and Policies to ensuring that their holiday and sickness absence is recorded correctly. We can also advise on grievance, disciplinary and capability issues, leaving you free to run your business. For a free initial consultation please get in contact with us.


Our fees are structured on a daily, 1/2 daily or hourly rate. Or new for 2020 we will be offering prepaid credits. This is a more economical way of engaging our services than an hourly rate and ideal for start up's and SME's. You can buy a set number of hours in advance which can then be used at anytime within a 6 month period. The more hours you prepay the better value for money. Please contact us for a quote.

Policy Packs

We offer two, off the shelf policy packs that are ideal if you just require certain policies for your business. These will be compliant at the time of purchase but no support or legislation updates will be provided. These two packs consist of either the very basic policies required in the Essentials Business Pack, this is ideal if you are just starting out and need to ensure you are compliant. The second pack is the Standard Business Pack, this includes those extra policies that your business will need as it expands and grows. 

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • GDPR Policy

  • Absence Policy

  • Equality and Diversity Policy

  • Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion

  • Anti-Bribery

  • Disciplinary Procedure and Policy

  • Grievance Procedure and Policy


  • All of the Essential Business Pack

  • Maternity Policy

  • Paternity Policy

  • Adoption Policy

  • Parental Leave Policy

  • Shared Parental Leave Policy

  • Flexible Working Policy

  • Time Off For Dependants Policy

  • Working Time Regulations

  • IT and Communication Policy

  • Social Media Policy

  • Drugs and Alcohol Policy

  • Whistle-Blowing Policy


  • Standard Polices - £55 per policy

  • Bespoke Policy - £85 per policy

  • Basic Employment Contract - £200

  • Enhanced Employment Contract - From £300

  • Staff Handbook - From £250

Individual Policies

Employment Contracts and Staff Handbooks

Standard Business Pack

Essential Business Pack